The time is [state the time]. You have 90 minutes to complete the Vehicle Inspection.

Using the vehicle inspection checklist provided in Section 11M of the CDL Driver’s Manual, please demonstrate that you know how to conduct a vehicle inspection of all vehicle safety critical items, as you would normally do for any vehicle you are about to operate. You are to conduct the vehicle inspection as outlined in the CDL Driver’s Manual.

You are only required to inspect the items on the CDL Vehicle Inspection checklist. You may use the checklist for your test and may check off items as you have completed them, but NO additional markings or writing may be placed on this list.

As you do your inspection, you MUST name each item, touch or point to the item or items you are inspecting, and fully explain what you are inspecting each safety critical item for. If you do not do so, you will not get credit.

During the test, you will only inspect items down the:  [TRUCK- driver’s side of the vehicle]:

If there are any items that are unique to the other side of the vehicle, please inspect those items as well. When inspecting the operation of the lights, inspect ALL lights on the vehicle.

[TRUCK: When exiting the vehicle during the test, you must set your parking brake(s) and place the vehicle in neutral. When entering and exiting the vehicle, safely enter and exit by facing the vehicle and maintaining three points of contact at all times.]

You will begin your test with the In-Vehicle/Engine Start procedures.

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